Hoashi Kyou 帆足杏雨

帆足杏雨 Hoashi Kyou (1810-1884)
He was a literary painter of the late Edo and Meiji periods. He was a senior disciple of 田能村竹田 Tanomura Chikuden (1777-1835). He studied under 田能村竹田 Tanomura Chikuden and 浦上春琴 Uragami Shunkin (1779-1846) and later moved to Kyoto where he interacted with many literati and formed his own style of painting. He was also friends with 高橋草坪 Takahashi Sohei (1804-1835) and 頼山陽 Rai Sanyo (1781-1832). He traveled throughout Kyushu and discussed painting with 鉄翁祖門 Tetsuo Somon (1791-1872) and 木下逸雲 Kinoshita Itsuun (1800-1866) in Nagasaki. He excelled in landscape painting. During the Koka period (1844-48), he was commissioned by the Imperial Court to produce paintings, and in 1872 he exhibited his works at the World Exposition in Vienna.