Kano Motonobu 狩野元信

狩野元信 Kano Motonobu (1476-1559)
Painter of the Muromachi period. The son of 狩野正信 Kano Masanobu (1434-1530), the founder of the Kano school, he was the second generation of the Kano school.
He inherited the style of his father, Masanobu, and incorporated the techniques of Yamato-e (Japanese painting) while organizing the painting methods of Chinese painting, thereby creating the Kano school style and laying the foundation for the prosperity of the Kano school in the modern era. With his outstanding artistic talent and energy, he received orders from a wide range of people, from samurai families, the court, and temples to the townspeople. In around 1545, he was granted the rank of 法眼 Hogen (one of the priestly ranks).