Kano Tsunenobu 狩野常信

狩野常信 Kano Tsunenobu (1636-1713)
Painter of the mid-Edo period. Eldest son of 狩野尚信 Kano Naonobu. The second generation of the Kano family in Kobiki-cho. His common name was 右近 Ukon, and later he was called 養朴 Yoboku. He studied painting under Naonobu and succeeded his family after his father's death. He became 法眼 Hogen in 1704 and 法印 Hoin in 1706. He participated in the creation of the wall painting of the Imperial Palace. After the death of 狩野探幽 Kano Tanyu, he became the supreme leader of the Edo Kano school. His painting style followed that of Kano Tanyu, but became more decorative in his own way.