Kawabata Gyokusho 川端玉章

川端玉章 Kawabata Gyokusho (1842-1913)
Japanese painter of the Meiji period. Born in Kyoto.
Studied under 中島来章 Nakajima Raisho (1796-1874) of the Maruyama School at the age of 11, and learned painting theory from 小田海僊 Oda Kaisen (1785-1862). In 1984, he received a bronze medal at the National Exhibition of Painting in Japan, which made him famous, and in 1989 he became a professor at the Tokyo Art School, which had just opened, and taught the Maruyama School. He established the Kawabata School of Painting in1909. He was highly regarded along with his art school colleague 橋本雅邦 Hashimoto Gaho (1835-1908). He excelled at landscapes, flowers and birds, and his easy-to-understand style, based on steady sketching, was well received.