Tetsuo Somon 鉄翁祖門

鉄翁祖門 Tetsuo Somon (1791-1872)
Nagasaki painter and monk of the late Edo period. He was the head of Shuntokuji Temple in Nagasaki, a Rinzai sect of Buddhism. Studied Bunjin-ga (Nan-ga) under 江稼圃 Ko Kaho / Jiang Jiapu, who came to Japan from the Qing Dynasty. He often painted Suiboku ink Sansui landscapes, bamboo, and Orchid. He was especially good at orchids. He is called one of the three great literati painters in Nagasaki, along with 木下逸雲 Kinoshita Itsuun (1800-1866) and 三浦梧門 Miura Gomon (1808-1860). In his late 50s, he became friends with 田能村竹田 Tanomura Chikuden (1777-1835), 貫名海屋 Nukina Kaioku (1778-1863), 日根対山 Hine Taizan (1813-1869), 中西耕石 Nakanishi Koseki (1807-1884), 安田老山 Yasuda Rozan (1830-1883), and others. And he refined his painting skills more.