Elegant beautiful decorative flower vases

Elegant beautiful decorative flower vases

June 04, 2022

Comfortable spring has finished and I feel the beginning of summer these days. I can still hear the bush warblers in the mountains, but I would be able to hear the cicada soon. I acquired beautiful flower vases and scrolls on my last business trip. I would like to introduce them.


Dragon design Cinnabar Glaze Flower Vase of Qing Dynasty's Kangxi Era

This vase was made in China. A vermilion dragon is depicted in a white porcelain vase in a leisurely manner.


The vermilion is made of Cinnabar Glaze. The back of the vase is inscribed "康熙年製 Made in Kangxi. 

Qing Dynasty's Kangxi Era

Kangxi means Qing Dynasty's Kangxi Era (1662-1722).


Kutani ware Flower Vase Dragon & Phoenix design

This eye-catching vase is colorfully painted. The dragon and phoenix also give a sense of dynamism



Kutani ware is pottery and porcelain produced in Ishikawa Prefecture. Like this vase, it has a colorful and dignified atmosphere.

 Bamboo vase

Monden Kogyoku 門田篁玉 Bamboo Flower Vase

This is a bamboo flower basket vase by Monden Kogyoku.


bamboo craft

Monden Kogyoku is a bamboo craft artist from Hiroshima Prefecture. He is 105 years old now. His work has also been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the United States.

 Zen word

Daitoku-ji Yokoi Meido "白雲抱幽石 Hakuun Yusekiwo Idaku"

This is a Zen word by Daitoku-ji priest Yokoi Meido.白雲 means white cloud, 抱 means to envelop 幽石 means quiet mossy stone. It is a state in which a white cloud is rising and enveloping the stone. Every once in a while, we need to pause and reflect on the grandeur of nature. There are things like immovable stones that have remained the same for thousands of years. We don't have to worry about trivial things.

Sakura & Moon

Imai Keiju 今井景樹 Weeping Sakura Cherry Tree & Hazy Moon

The moon is vaguely floating under the weeping willow,  it seems a crescent moon. It has a fantastic atmosphere. The artist, Imai Keiju, was a painter of the Shijo School and specialized in flowers and birds paintings.

We will update you when we receive interesting items. Have a nice day!