Long time no see.

Long time no see.

August 01, 2023

It's August

The hot summer has begun. In our area, swallows are raising their young. When you go to a department store, you can see swallow nests in the gaps between the concrete. The shopkeepers seem to have a hard time cleaning up the swallow droppings, but it is very funny to see parents and children watching the swallows raising their young again this year.

August 1, 2023


White Wisteria and Swallow 

This hanging scroll by Hukada Gojo depicts a white wisteria and a swallow. Tsubame is often depicted as a theme with willow, so it is very unusual to see Shirofuji written on it. I like the cute, rounded eyes of the swallow.


Sparrow and Weeping Cherry

This hanging scroll by Keizan depicts weeping cherry blossoms and sparrows. The weeping cherry blossoms are depicted as if they are pouring down from the sky, and the sparrows flitting from branch to branch seem to come to mind.



Two Carp

This hanging scroll by Kouseki depicts a carp swimming gracefully in the water. When Nishikigoi are depicted, most of them have strong red color, but this carp is a rare work with strong white color.


Seven Kinds of Birds

This hanging scroll by Kodo Nakaoka shows multiple birds perched on a single tree. The moment you see it, you can't help but smile. I would like people who like birds to see this work. I can only recognize a bunting, a sparrow, and a bush warbler, but I wonder if there is someone who can recognize all the names. It would be great if I could understand! I respect you!



Peony and Blue Bird

This hanging scroll features a large white peony in full bloom and a beautiful blue bird. The white of the peony and the blue of the bird, and the dignified stance of the peony, give it a somewhat noble atmosphere.




Some of this work is also on display at Catawiki, so please come and see it if you like.