大田垣蓮月 Otagaki Rengetsu Japanese antique room divider Byobu 2 panels Folding screen / Attached Shikishi and Tanzaku that are written her marvelous Waka poems V573


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大田垣蓮月 Otagaki Rengetsu Japanese antique room divider Byobu 2 panels Folding screen / Attached Shikishi and Tanzaku that are written her marvelous Waka poems V573

大田垣蓮月 Otagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875)
A female poet from the end of the Edo period to the beginning of the Meiji period. Born in Kyoto. She was adopted by 大田垣光古 Otagaki Teruhisa, samurai who served at Chion-in Temple, when she was only 10 days old. She later married 望古 Mochihisa, the adopted son of Teruhisa. She and Mochihisa had three children, all of whom died at an early age. She also lost her husband, Mochihisa soon. At the age of 33, she lost her second husband, 古肥 Hisatoshi. She and Hisatoshi had one daughter, but the daughter and Mochiko died in 1823. She shaved her head and took the name "Rengetsuni / Nun Rengetsu". After that, Rengetsu moved from place to place and was known as "Moving house Rengetsu" because of her love of moving. After her children died, she lost her father at the age of 42 and lived a life of poverty and solitude. After her father's death, she made her own pottery with waka poems carved with nails, which was called "Rengetsu-yaki". Rengetsu-yaki was so popular as a souvenir of Kyoto, but the sales were given to the poor. He loved 富岡鉄斎 Tomioka Tessai (1837-1924) as if he were his own child. He died at the age of 85, 1875 at 神光院 Jinkoin. She excelled in waka poetry, and was also skilled in calligraphy, painting, naginata, and Go. In waka poetry, she wrote many feminine and delicate epic poems, and was good at writing plain epic poems. Rengetsu was also known for his good looks. It is said that some men approached her because of her beauty which never waned even as she grew older. There is an anecdote that she deliberately pulled out her teeth to ruin her beauty and protected herself from temptation.

山ざとは 松のこゑのみ 聞なれて 風ふかぬ日は さびしかりけり
Yamazato wa matsu no koe nomi kiki nare te kaze fuka nu hi wa sabishikari keri.
Living deep in the mountains I’ve grown fond of the soughing pines - On days when the wind is still how lonely it becomes!

梅が香に まくらもとらで 更る夜の そらに鳴行春の雁がね
Ume ga ka ni makura mo tora de fukuru yo no sora ni nakiyuku haru no karigane.
In the scent of plum blossoms, they do not even rest...in the deepening night sky crying and winging away from the wild geese of spring.

世の中に なつはながれて 出でつらむ ひとりすずしき 山の下水
Yononaka ni natsu wa nagare te ide tsu ran hitori suzushiki yama no shitamizu.
Summer flows into the world unfurling everywhere - I am alone and cool beneath the mountain's downstream waters.

ゆひすてし かきねながらの 卯花は たがかくれ家の 名残成らん
Yui sute shi kakine nagara no unohana wa ta ga kakurega no nagori naru ran.
Deutzias bound into a hedgerow and left behind - Whose traces of a hidden hut are these?

かしのみの ひとりしぬれば 吹風の 音づれさへぞ うれしかりける
Kashi no mi no hitori shi nure ba fuku kaze no otozure sae zo ureshikari keru.
When I sleep alone, like an acorn even a visit from the blowing wind pleases me.

しらぎくの まくらに近く かをるよは 夢もいく世の 秋か経ぬらん
Shiragiku no makura ni chikaku kaoru yo wa yume mo ikuyo no aki ka he nu ran.
White chrysanthemums near my pillow scent the night... in my dream how many autumns did I pass through?

世にかよふ 風のたよりも ただ一木 軒ばにたてる 松にこそきけ
Yo ni kayou kaze no tayori mo tada hitoki nokiba ni tate ru matsu ni koso kike.
Echoing through the world tidings on the wind... I hear them whispering in the lone pine standing beside my hut.

山賤が 明日のいそぎにとぐ鎌の 光りに似たる夕月のかげ
Yamagatsu ga asu no isogi ni togu kama no hikari ni ni taru yuuzuki no kage.
Looking like the gleam of a sickle sharpened by a woodsman for his next day's work-the light of the evening moon.

One panel size : 37.2" W x 28.8" H / 94.4cm x 73.2cm
Two panels size : about 74.4" W x 28.8" H / 188.8cm x 73.2cm

Material: Paper
Technique: Hand-painted
Weight: 3230g


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